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Re-Manufactured Fans

Re-Manufactured Fan means all parts re-used will perform as new. All rotating parts must be the same as, or better than new. Unless requested otherwise all Motors and Drives are New. Shafts have no damage and are straight to original spec’s., or replaced with a new shaft, that is also checked for straightness and diameter. Bearings are always replaced with new. All Re-Manufactured Fans meet or exceed applicable safety standards. Added accessories will be removed, or upon request brought back to original condition.

Master Fan Corp’s Re-Manufactured Fans can save on costs and/or downtime. Re-Manufactured Fans are subject to the same warranty as our new products.

 Case Studies

See some of our latest builds and installations.

 New Fans

Learn more about how we build custom fans, based on your specifications and our 40+ year experience.

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