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112” dia. 1500 HP North and South Baghouse Fans

During our off site repair of the only Spare Impeller and Shaft assembly for the Baghouse Fans, Master Fan was called to perform a field balance on the South fan. The fan was running with worn parts and vibrating badly. Upon our arrival, we found sparks flying off of the mounting bolts. The vibration was so violent that the mounting bolts were stretching and coming loose each run. The balancing equipment was unable to interpret the vibration. With some “Old School” persistence to decide where to hang the first test weight, the fan ran smooth enough to use our equipment to balance the fan to within the correct specifications. This allowed time to finish repairs on the spare impeller and shaft assembly and schedule a shutdown for swapping out the worn parts. Master Fan Corp. did the final alignment and trim balance, and establish new “Base Line Vibration Readings”.

 Case Studies

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