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About Us

Serving the Air Moving Industry with solid, quality Air Moving products and services for over 30 years, Master Fan Corp. has witnessed many changes. 

New technology has rendered our lives easier, offering instant low cost products for every industry. We have certainly enjoyed many of these changes, however "cheap throw away" products are not available at Master Fan Corp., Instead we offer product reliability for the life of the application and with modifications; beyond. Our after market support will prove this philosophy sound and cost effective. 

Our focus is to provide like minded companies the best products available anywhere, with flexibility in design, and speedy delivery. Our scope of service spans all aspects of Air Moving Equipment, from original design to after market repair, modification and maintenance.

 Case Studies

See some of our latest builds and installations.

 New Fans

Learn more about how we build custom fans, based on your specifications and our 40+ year experience.

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