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Two Remanufactured Products

The fan was salvaged from a plant that closed. Later the Fan was re-manufactured for a new application at another facility. Some of the new features are:

  • Removable Pie Shaped wedge
  • Hinged bolted access Door
  • Opposed blade Outlet Damper w/ removable blades
  • New Shaft, Bearings and V-Belt Drive
  • The 125 HP, 1150 RPM Motor was inspected, tested and re-used
  • The cost was half of a New Fan
The 86” Dia. Impeller is for a 1,200 RPM 400 HP Induced Draft Kiln Fan. It was rebuilt from the hub up. There are more than 132 individual parts to make up a complete part. Master Fan Corp. manufactured this Impeller many times before the kiln was retired.

 Case Studies

See some of our latest builds and installations.

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Learn more about how we build custom fans, based on your specifications and our 40+ year experience.

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