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 About MFC
Serving the Air Moving Industry with solid, quality Air Moving products and services for 35 years, Master Fan Corp. has witnessed many changes. New technology has rendered our lives easier, offering instant low cost products for every industry.

Master Fan Corporation

Manufacture and Repair of Custom Industrial Fans and Blowers, and Heavy Duty Industrial and Commercial Fans and Blowers

Located in Southern California since 1969, Master Fan Corp. is dedicated to providing quality, custom Fan & Blower products. Our company fills the gap between large Blower Manufacturers and the General fabricators that may have little or no knowledge of rotating Ventilating equipment. Our only products are Fans and Blowers. Quick delivery of replacement parts or Complete Custom Blowers is our specialty. Although our products are custom designed to your requirements, trust that our high standards of quality do not vary.

When down time is not an option we have the ability to field measure parts. If distance from our shop is a problem, we will work with Drawings or sketches to produce a component. Parts have been produced with just remnants of a shattered component for a sample. We have also used photos and dimensioned hand sketches coupled with our past experience to create a part or complete new Fan.

When an existing blower is not worth repairing, and/or the Manufacturer no longer exists, Master Fan Corp. will design and build parts or a complete new Blower that can be installed without "On-site" modification. The performance of the new fan can be updated to handle current requirements.

Maximize the return on investment in Fan and Blower maintenance Dollars. Come to the company that understands your aftermarket needs, with single source responsibility, reliability and convenience. Come to Master Fan Corp.

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See some of our latest builds and installations.

 New Fans

Learn more about how we build custom fans, based on your specifications and our 40+ year experience.

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